African Clean Energy is expanding into South Africa this year, starting with expanding our team in Johannesburg. Our vision is a world without dangerous cooksmoke and we aim to enable clean cooking and sustainable energy for all.

With ACE 1 Solar Powered Biomass Cookstove , which is created to reduce the detrimental effects of indoor cook smoke we hope to reduce the exposure of cooksmoke, which kills over 4million people per year.

To hear more about how you feel about clean energy we caught up with people on the streets of Newtown, Johannesburg earlier this month to learn about their eco friendly choices.

Wesly Pepper (36) Artist and social entrepreneur

Wesly Pepper (36) Artist and social entrepreneur



Wesly Pepper: “I am conscious of going green and I am able to save money by practicing an environmentally friendly lifestyle. I think we all should read and equip ourselves on green initiatives.”




Nthati Makhele (31) Actress

Nthati Makhele (31) Actress



Nthati Makhele : “I think going green,  like using solar energy will help us save electricity and reduce our expenses.”





Mitchell (41)

Mitchell (41)



Mitchell: “I recycle a lot at home! We grow our own vegetables and turn off the geyser at night.”






Johan nw




 Johan: Renewable energy is sustainable. I recycle and use less all the time, when i can.





nw cooking

Ayanda Mametja (20) student



Ayanda Mametja:“Recycling is important, we should recycle more. ”






camping 1

Shannon, Christoff, Vanb and Brandon



Shannon, Christoff, Vanb and Brandon: This team of friends agreed renewable energy is “cool” and it would be great to have the ACE1 to combat the challenges they face during the  load-shedding periods.