Since our conception, African Clean Energy has been working with donated funds to provide families in need with a stove in order to make a dramatic improvement in their standard of living.

In Lesotho, due to a high percentage of premature deaths from un-treated AIDS and other complications, many families are left without an adult at the head of the family or in the care of elderly family members. Lesotho is a Least Developed Country, and with so many orphans, the ideal solution of placing children with extended family is not always viable, and many need to make do with the support of older siblings. For this reason, we are now making a more focussed effort with our program to help families where the head of the family is under 18 years old or where grandparents are looking after orphaned grandchildren.

We cannot fix all the problems and challenges they may face, but we hope to make a real difference by setting up a system in which stoves can be donated to families with children or elderly grandparents at the head of them, who no longer have sources of income. ACE 1 will let them cook meals quicker, save them money on fuel and become a source of nano-grid power in their homes.

If you want to see the families we helped and know their stories, visit our GALLERY.

Please help us make a difference improving the health and studying capabilities of orphaned children.

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Many thanks to our generous donors for investing in the future of Lesotho’s children!