We are thrilled to announce that after completing the B Impact Assessment, ACE has become a B Corporation with a score of 149! We are officially joining a community of over 2,100 changemakers around the world that use entrepreneurship as a force for good every day.

What is B Corporation? It is a certification issued to for-profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It demonstrates that business and markets can hold the key to unlocking social and environmental progress around the world if companies choose to embed these values in their business model and operations. The Brookings Institute probably summed up B Corp’s ambitious plan best in saying: “The B Corp movement is profiled as one example of how legal innovation and credible, common standards can transform shareholder capitalism into stakeholder capitalism.”
By becoming a B Corp, we are joining the likes of companies such as Hootsuite, Patagonia, Honest Co., Ben & Jerry or Etsy who have also committed to this vision.

ACE was founded as a profit for purpose company in 2011, and 7 years later we have proven that our model is commercially viable and beneficial for the communities we re active in. We believe that by the nature of our business, the markets we operate in and the customers we are trying to reach, it is important for us to be an example of success and encourage others to also see entrepreneurship as an engine for making the world a better place.

We maintain a responsibility to have an equal gender split amongst our employee body, equal opportunity hire practices, local management, local production and customer inclusion. Our journey of trying to make energy accessible and affordable for the last-mile consumer has led us to re-evaluate our supply chain and understand the importance of financial inclusion in developing markets. The next step in achieving our vision involves not only to bring clean energy in more underserved communities, but also ensuring that the people we are trying to serve have access to the right services allowing them to be treated and respected as real customers.

We are proud of how far we have come, but we’re driven to do more, and do it better. Joining the B Corp family will help us measure and therefore improve our business practices consistently, and push the impact bar even higher. The future looks exciting!