This past fall, our company participated in a socio-economic empowerment project in Gambia, by which ACE 1 Energy Systems were donated to local communities in order to assess the impact they would have on users’ lives.

Even though customers have highlighted different benefits of the product in their testimonials, one common thread emerged: the ACE 1 represents a cheaper, faster and easier way of managing their energy consumption. Here is the complete feedback:

Ndembeh Jobe of Kerr Sulay:the improved stove you have provided to us has made life easy for us during cooking by reducing the quantity of firewood used, which eventually reduces the smoke we inhale during cooking. Furthermore, the above mentioned benefit it has also provided us with reliable lightening system at night thus created cost savings on buying batteries for our touch lights and similar lightening devices”.

Collecting firewood. Photo credit: @anniespratt on

Jainaba Jallow of Kerr Sulay:Prior to the arrival of the stoves we used to find it difficult as firewood is very difficult to fetch sufficiently, which makes it very expensive to a point that the costs of purchasing firewood take a big chunk of fish money. As a result of the arrival of the ACE1 Stoves, life is very easy with us and the savings we make from the purchase of firewood is used to improve the quality of our meals. I also charge my mobile phone including that of my husband and other family members and neighbours which is also saving us money on charging our mobile phones at a cost of D10 per charge per mobile at poste Kerr Ayeb”.

Bin Njie of Kerr Sulay:Yeah you found me cooking “Bena Chin” I like the ACE1 stove as it supports me throughout the cooking period due to its power regulations system. More importantly, the stove is smoke free which has prevented me from suffocating with smoke to a point that I use my own dress to clear my noise which is not hygienic and what is more frustrating if a stranger see me in that manner he or she may not want eat the food am preparing. I am very happy that this project provided us with this stove that allow me to dress very decent and nice as if am going to a ceremony while am cooking using the ACE1 Stove”.

Bena Chin. Photo credit Becca in Gambia, via

Amie Bah of Sukoto Fula:I never thought of getting out of the troubled of fetching firewood for hours just to cook one meal, until I was lucky to be supported with one ACE1 Stove which makes it possible for me to cook three meals daily with the same quantity of firewood that I used to use for cooking 1 meal per day. Since I started using the Stove I have not miss a mobile phone telephone call due to dead battery thanks to the stove reliable mobile phone charging system”.

Traditional cooking station, Lesotho. Photo credit: ACE.

Sainabou Chogan of Jerekaw:Thanks to this project and GAWFA for moving me out of darkness poverty to light. Through this ACE1 stove I now have the opportunity to cook conveniently and efficiently, with a high degree of sustainable use of natural resources including cost/time savings on fuel wood cost and fetching as well as mobile charging fee for myself and my family”.

Aja Amie Ceesay of Jerekaw:I am a contact person for many extension service agents in the community of Jerekaw. As a result, my mobile phone is very busy on incoming and outgoing calls which means to say that my phone have be on charge at all times which is made possible by the ACE1 Stoves. In short life has really changed on timely communication with relevant development authorities within and outside the region”.

Phone charging with the ACE 1. Photo credit: ACE.

At ACE, we remain dedicated to making energy more affordable and accessible to people living in underserved regions of the world. Our experience in Gambia validates once more that there is great potential to make a difference with a product working at the intersection of cooking and solar energy.